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Winnie Abramson

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I am a strength and nutrition coach in Gardiner, New York. I work with individuals who want to lose fat, get strong, and be awesome. I use an approach that is body positive, habit-focused, flexible, and sustainable, and I honor your unique lifestyle and preferences.

Areas They Specialise In

  • Weight loss
  • Powerlifting


In addition to being certified by SBS, I am an advanced (Level 2) nutrition coach certified by Precision Nutrition. I am also a USA Powerlifting (USAPL)-certified club level coach. A lifelong exercise enthusiast, I have been strength training since 2012 and began competing in powerlifting in 2014. I have competed in the USAPL at the state, regional, national, and international level.

Types Of Services Offered

  • One 2 one training
  • Hybrid training
  • Online training
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