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Jonno Snoek

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My name is Jonno Snoek, I'm 22 years old I'm and currently living in the Netherlands,
I'm the founder of JSfitness, my intrest are optimizing training and nutrition with an evidence approach. I started the SBS academy back in March 2015 and it completely changed my life because it was getting teached by the best people in the fitness industry like Eric helms and Dr Mike Zourdos. I love learning everything that is related to fitness, I can spend hours and hours reading and writing about it, my goal is to educate people so they can life there lives normally without any restrictions. In my spare time I love to go to seminars to learn from the smartest people in the fitness industry Like Brad Schoenfield, Alan aragon, Eric helms, Alberto Nunez and the founder of SBS Luke Johnson.

I’ve been coaching people online now for a good 2 years now and it feels fantastic because you can make people so happy and nothing feels better than that. My clients are mostly a mix of general population clients and a couple of physique competitors. Most of the clients that I currently coach are from the Netherlands because I feel there is such a big need for it. There is so much wrong information out here, this is also the reason why I’m writing articles and making videos about sorting topic’s that I feel needs more information.
I will have my first bodybuilding show in 2018.

Areas They Specialise In

  • Weight loss
  • Bodybuilding


personal trainer certificate A (Fitvak A/B here in the netherlands)
SBS Academy (soon)

Types Of Services Offered

  • One 2 one training
  • Online training
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