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John Hegarty

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At We Lift and Learn we use the latest scientific research, interpreted by world renowned industry experts, to deliver a first class coaching service tailored to the goals of the individual.

Specialist Services:

- Fat loss
- Muscle and strength gain
- Periodised training programming for strength athletes.

We aim to change lives through exercise and nutrition by guiding, educating and empowering people so that they can develop a healthy exercise and nutrition approach that they can maintain for life.

GUIDE → EDUCATE → EMPOWER is our core approach.

Resistance training (We Lift) and education and empowerment (and Learn) are the foundations of this approach. Our business model is based on helping people achieve their goals whilst simultaneously educating them so that at the end of the process our clients are empowered to be self-reliant. The ultimate compliment to the success of our business is when a client believes they are now empowered to move on without us. Our aim is not to retain clients for as long as possible but only for as long as required.

Areas They Specialise In

  • Weight loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Powerlifting

Types Of Services Offered

  • Online training


  • North West Ireland - 18 Laburnum Terrace
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