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Oh no, not another sales page…

I know, I know – we hate them too.

However, you’re probably here because you’d like us to help you with your Personal Training business. It’s highly unlikely that you came here having Googled “Are unicorns real?”, after all.

We need to clear up a few things – what makes us different, what SBS Elite offers, and how happy your credit card is going to be when it sees the price.

So please – bear with us. After this, you can go back to watching the video of the baby cracking up at his dad tearing paper.

What makes us different?

For starters, we have an actual office – not just our mum’s spare room.

It would be incredibly easy for us to advertise that we have a formula that will turn you into Bradley Cooper from Limitless. But we don’t – because that would be lying, and lying is terrible.

However, our lack of formula is something you’ll benefit from. We understand that every business is different, and so every piece of advice we give is different, too.

Our aim with SBS Elite is simple:

When you have a business-related question, we want to be the first people you turn to (because you think we’re great).

Join SBS Elite

Why "Elite"?

Erm… because it sounds good.

It’s catchy and trips off the tongue a little better than “SBS Business Mentoring and Advice Service that is cheaper but better than all the rest of them”.



Why not just do the SBS Academy? That has a business module...

That’s a valid question.

Module 4 of the SBS Academy was designed more to take you from zero to Deadpool. We cover the basics of target markets, getting your first few clients and setting up efficient systems.

SBS Elite was created with the established Personal Trainer in mind. We work with those who already have businesses and want to take them to the (if you’ll excuse the car salesman language) “next level”.

If we were sticking to comic book metaphors, SBS Elite takes you from Deadpool to Logan. But there is such a thing as metaphor overkill.

What do I get as a part of the cool kids club that is SBS Elite?

So many awesome things. So. Many. Things.

  • Courses to improve your technical skills, such as:
    • The Process Of Writing Blogs, with Aadam Ali of Physiqonomics (who is one of our all-time favourite writers)
    • The New Breed of Personal Trainer – getting you up-to-speed on how businesses are changing in today’s society
    • How to Run a Seminar/Workshop – it’s no secret that we’ve run some of the biggest seminars for Personal Trainers in the UK, so you’ll forgive us for thinking that you can learn a thing (or three) from us about that.
    • Video Editing for Beginners – learning how to create professional-looking videos is, in our opinion, a must-have skill for the modern PT.
  • Access to SBS Elite’s ancestor, Elite Fitness Mentoring, and the accompanying 150+ video archive covering everything from autoregulation to advert audiences.
  • A Facebook group (of course).
  • Speed Skypes with Luke – our members love these and Luke’s ability to give you actionable advice in 15 minutes or less.

There’s more, but this page is getting too long already.

The best bit? We’re constantly reimagining, refining and redoing it all. Your business is dynamic, so we need to be too.

This is the bit where my credit card cries, right?

We hope not. If you’ve seen the SBS Academy page, you’ll know that one of our core values at SBS is value for money. Especially in the business mentoring arena, there are too many people charging 5-star prices for a not-even-half-a-star product; we wanted to buck the trend… but in a good way.

SBS Elite will set you back £39 a month. That’s not even 2 boxes of Carb Killa bars.

If you don’t earn your money back, we’ll give you it back, too.

Join SBS Elite