Lawrence and Patrick are back to answer your questions once again. Lawrence is pretty buzzed as he’s been taking cold medicine, so it adds a nice extra level of excitement.

03:46 What are your thoughts on the benefits of cardio on overall health?

11:35 Will a sedentary person and a person actively resistance training get the same benefit from adding cardio to their life?

13:35 Is there a disadvantage to not taking complete days off?

19:40 When in a calorie surplus phase do you employ any tactics to prevent fat gain?

25:34 I’d like to know about recoverable volume. How do you know when you’re at the right level for you?

29:51 If a client is looking to drop a weight class should you look to do it towards the beginning or the end of the training cycle?

37:36 How many exercises/sets would you go for if you were doing three full body workouts a week on an eight-week cycle?

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