Harry Squatter and The Ginger Ninja throw down in this episode and take on some more of your questions. This episode has a lot of questions for powerlifters, so powerlifters – take note!

02:32: If you had 5-10 minutes to spend on mobility every day, how would you program it?

05:20: Do you have a set plan for the year? Do you give yourself a periodization schedule?

08:25: Is there a point at which powerlifters should consider a training block focused on hypertrophy?

12:50: How do you approach powerlifting meets in terms of attempt selection for your powerlifters?

12:59: How does this differ to your own approach?

13:34: Do you change based on the individual client?

13:50: How do you approach a meet if you won’t physically be there?

31:47: Which of the main variations of lifts do you prefer for improving strength or breaking a plateau?

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