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In this episode of Shredded By Science Radio Lawrence is joined by the man himself, Luke Johnson.

Lawrence turns his usual wonderful interview charm to the man who knows more about online personal training than virtually anyone and gets some golden nuggets of information back for it.

Here are the questions if you want to skip ahead!

03:16 What made you want to do natural bodybuilding?

05:53 How are you finding working with Eric Helms and being on the other side of the PT/Client relationship?

07:12 What did 3DMJ do to make you feel so welcome?

11:58 Can you talk us through the Skype consultation when you start training with SBS?

22:34 In-person trainers are used to selling blocks of sessions. What do you recommend for online personal training?

27:42 Talking about analysis forms, what’s the basics you’d recommend?

31:16 Once you have all the information and have created the program how do you recommend keeping things up to date for your clients?

39:37 Has Instagram Stories killed Snapchat?

Things we mention

Our Skype consult form: http://shreddedbyscience.com/online-personal-training/
Our 1-2-1 analysis form: http://shreddedbyscience.com/one-2-one-coaching-analysis/
Lawrence’s check-in form: http://shreddedbyscience.com/teamjudd-check-in/