In this episode, I interview one of our SBS Academy students, Darko. Over the course of 4 years, Darko lost 90 kg of weight and has managed to maintain the vast majority of that weight loss – which sets him apart from many who embark on a weight loss journey. This is an interview that will stay with me for a long time, as Darko shares some hugely personal and vivid memories of his life before, during and after losing pretty much an entire me in weight.

What We Discuss

Darko tells us when he realised he was about to die: 01:58

Lawrence asks how it felt to see the scale that high: 07:00

Lawrence asks what made Darko turn to lifting: 08:47

Darko tells us what was it like lifting for the first time: 10:11

Lawrence asks did it help not having a target weight: 15:07

What did Darko’s regime look like, aside from the lifting? 16:21

Lawrence asks was the almost self-punishing training Darko took on an extension of internal feelings: 24:05

Darko’s attitude towards himself has changed and improved. What about other people’s?: 27:09

With what Darko’s gone through, does he think that his maintenance calorie input is different to someone else his weight? 29:11

Has Darko’s self indentity change? 31:46

Lawrence asks if Darko ever gets the punitive urges that he did before: 37:00

What was the hardest part of Darko’s jounery? 39:15

Lawrence asks what would Darko’s advice be to anyone looking to lose a large amount of weight: 42:41

Find Out More About Darko

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