Lawrence and Patrick are here today with the debut episode of Fireside Rants.

Hold onto your earphones and keep children well clear. This episode features strong language and stronger opinions.

The guys are a bit rattled as someone has come into the Eat, Train, Progress Facebook page and been less than brilliant about their attitude. As such Patrick isn’t a happy boy.

In this episode the two take turns to take a swing at a few of their pet peeves online – Functional Patterns, Personal Trainers claiming that they can eliminate pain, and irresponsible advice about medication all receive a lashing in this episode. In the emotional outpour the two get into the habit of talking over each other making time-stamping this episode a bit more difficult.

As an added bonus though, there is a point where Patrick gets to annoyed he don’t talk his words so good no more.

We’re about to turn the world of Personal Trainer education upside down.

We can’t say too much just yet – but when we do, we’ll tell our email list first. Pop your email address in the box to hear about what moves we’re making next.

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