Martijn Koevoets is a power in lifting! As a competitive powerlifter, he has the hands on experience to teach and inspire you with his passion.


He blends extensive science based knowledge along with his experience as both a coach and a competitor. This gives other powerlifters unique insights that really help them achieve results.

Martijn has a devoted fan club of powerlifters who have achieved great improvements with his strategies and secrets.

He is also founder of Powerlifting University. Where he offers an easy-to-follow educational course on the science and practice of powerlifting.

As part of his mission to make the world a better place for Powerlifting, Martijn is also the force behind Fortius Fitness. A Dutch webshop that offers a selection of Powerlifting equipment.

If you don’t know Martijn from any of these endeavours, maybe you have read his articles on websites like EliteFTS, Strength & Science or JTS Strength.