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We have a new, improved Academy for 2017...

The SBS Academy is our year-long course for Personal Trainers, which has currently taught over 300 students with a 97% student satisfaction rate. We’ve made some improvements since we first launched it – we think you’ll like them…

You're here because you want to be a better Personal Trainer, right?

We’ll keep this short and sweet – you’ve no doubt seen too many badly-written sales pages from people claiming they can help you make 6 figures in 6 weeks. You’re here because you’re wondering whether the SBS Academy will help you become a better coach; give us a few minutes of your time, and you’ll have your answer. 

We carefully crafted the course around some concepts that are “non-negotiables” for us:

  1. The SBS Academy will make you a better Personal Trainer
  2. The SBS Academy has exceptional tutors who are compassionate, authentic and utterly devoted to improving your abilities.
  3. The SBS Academy allows for distance learning, which allows you to learn in your own time from anywhere in the world.*

*It also saves us money on classrooms, which means we can keep the price of the course down a little bit -so it’s a win-win, really. 

So far, we have a 97% student satisfaction rate – so clearly we’re doing something right.

(Yes, there’s 3% of students that don’t “love” it – but, just like Personal Training, you can’t please everyone.)


Fitness industry experts rate the SBS Academy, too - not just us!


“The SBS Academy is grounded in the diligent pursuit of scientific excellence. Their objective to make sure that all of their students are exposed to my research review (AARR) is a benchmark of their unrelenting mission to provide evidence-based education.”

Alan Aragon

“It can be difficult starting out as a Personal Trainer. Overall there is very limited support and advice on the things you really need to know when running and growing a successful PT Business.

What SBS have done with the Shredded by Science Academy is nothing short of game changing.

They have brought together some of the greatest minds in fitness to educate you on everything you need to know when it comes to training clients but not just that, he has also added real-world business advice to the academy to help you increase your income and map out your business for growth and success.

If you are a Personal Trainer that wants to go places with their business you will not find a better course to do!”

Jamie Alderton

“Personal trainers often email me asking for course recommendations to further their learning. My ‘go to’ is always the Shredded By Science Academy. The content, instructors, course design and structure are first class and this course is definitely an industry leader.”

Food For Fitness

Scott Baptie

“There are very few places that I can feel comfortable pointing both aspiring and established fitness professionals towards when they ask about where to educate and upskill themselves. It’s hard to find a resource that not only provides evidence-based information but also teaches applicable skills that will lead to success in the real world of the fitness industry. But the Shredded By Science Academy is a resource I have no hesitation in recommending. The content is top notch, the tutors are world-class and the advice is genuine and effective.”

Danny Lennon

“When someone asks me what personal training qualification or course they should do, I was stuck for an answer before Luke and his team opened the SBS Academy. Luke and his team have pulled no punches in gathering some of the foremost experts in their fields to share their expertise on the nutrition and training modules. With everything tied together with Luke’s first-rate business insights, there’s not a better way to become a great personal trainer. “

Joseph Agu

“Our clients struggle to chose what is ‘the best diet plan’ but even we struggle to chose who and what education is the best to further our knowledge.

The SBS academy is run and taught by educators who are not only at the top of the field but are also applying their expertise. This gives access to the most up to date research and coaching techniques.

Not only that you also become part of a fantastic bunch of like-minded trainers all helping each other in all aspects of business.”

Gordon Greenhorn

“I chose Shredded By Science Academy as the highest standard of education for anyone wanting to train at my gym. SBS offers its students practicality to provide trainers up to date research in the nutrition field as well as in the area of personal training and muscular development.”

Eric Lee Salazaar

What do I get as an Academy student?

Academy students get an entire year of tuition and support from the Shredded By Science Team, Eric Helms and Mike Zourdos.

Over the course of that year, you’ll be taught 4 modules covering everything you need to confidently stand on your own two feet as a Personal Trainer in any setting:

Module Tutors Duration
1. Foundations of Personal Training Team SBS (and a few special guests…) 18 weeks
2. Coaching for Physique Athletes Eric Helms 10 weeks
3. Coaching for Powerlifters Dr. Mike Zourdos 10 weeks
4. Setting Up A Fitness Business Luke Johnson 8 weeks

Download the Academy Overview PDF

Students also benefit from:

  • A private student support group with access to all of the tutors and some of the brightest minds in the industry.
  • A new lesson each week, which students say keeps them motivated to learn and on-track with their education.
  • Exclusive website area with lifetime access to ALL the educational resources – students from last year say they’re still watching the lectures and learning.
  • 12 month’s FREE subscription to Alan Aragon’s Research Review (AARR) – one of the best research reviews for Personal Trainers to further your knowledge of training and nutrition science.
  • SBS Study School – Our Head Researcher Chad Dolan breaks down studies, week by week. This is perfect for students who struggle with digesting research articles.
  • Early-bird tickets to all SBS-run seminars and conferences.

A lot of people usually assign a monetary value to each little bonus, to make the final price look cheaper – we think that’s gimmicky, so we don’t do it. 

How much does it cost?

One thing that we’ve always aimed for at SBS is slightly silly levels of value for money. The fitness industry is full of services that charge the earth and deliver… not much if we’re being honest. We like to be different. In the spirit of being good value for money:

  • If you’re able to pay the whole cost upfront, you save a bit of cash.
  • If you sign up during our early-bird period we throw in a bunch of extra bonuses to say thanks for being so quick off the mark (things like t-shirts and bonus free content. And maybe a protein bar. You know – useful stuff).

The Money Bit

Early-Bird One Off: £1,150

Early-Bird Monthly Direct Debit: 12 monthly payments of £115

General Sale One Off: £1,300

General Sale Monthly Direct Debit: 12 monthly payments of £130


The best way of getting an early-bird deal is to… sign up quickly…

No – really?

The best way to make sure you sign up early (without having to set alarms or anything embarrassing) is to join our waiting list:

Our past students have gone on to do some amazing things...

We’re so proud that we made a mini-documentary about them. Give it a watch – you may see someone just like you.

...and overall, they're pretty happy with what we do.

We currently boast a 97% student satisfaction rate*, and nearly 90% of our students say that they have no difficulty fitting in their studies – even around a busy Personal Training schedule. 70% of our students say that there is nothing we could do to improve!

*We’ve told you this at least 3 times already, I know. But rave reviews (this is called “social proof”) apparently makes you more likely to become a student, so it’s something we’d really like to hammer home. If you need more, we’ve got some things past students have said just below this. And no – we’ve not made any of this up. Pinky promise. 

We've had rave reviews from students both past and present:


“Enroling on the SBS academy was one of the best decisions I made with regards to furthering my career in the fitness industry. Over the past few months I have learnt so much more than what I would have gained from a 6-week intensive course. The academy stands out by miles from others as most of the content and values truly cannot be found on other courses – and I researched extensively before I decided to enrol.

The coaches are highly qualified and very well respected by some of the best in the industry, so I know the knowledge they are passing on to me is evidence-based and tried and tested methods.

The learning platform is so easily and always accessible, with printable slides and a live Q&A session with the coach following each module. Each webinar has been faultless with adhering to the learning objectives.

And I can’t overlook the huge benefit of the Facebook group which has been great, not only because of all the additional content posted there by the coaches but also because I have learnt so much from others also on the course. Whether it’s knowing that I’m not alone with nerves when it comes to end of module assessments or feeling comfortable to ask questions in a non-judgmental environment or simply asking other professionals for advice has been fantastic.

If I had to sum up my experience, I would say it’s the best content and support-based value for money in the fitness industry at the moment.”

Funda Ozmus

“To anybody even taking more than 5 seconds to consider whether to sign up to the academy, let me please save you your valuable time – JUST DO IT. I promise you it will single-handedly be the best decision you will make after first making the consideration to enter this career path.

I have been in the industry for around 12 years, coached over 20,000 hours of 1-1 clients and let me say this, the academy so far has been THE MOST VALUABLE TOOL I HAVE.

I just wish that the Academy had been around at the start of my career, so I didn’t have to make so many mistakes to get me to where I am today. Yes, I have learned through experience and further education throughout my career, along with spending thousands of pounds learning from the best in the industry – but with the Academy, I honestly believe that literally EVERYTHING is covered, honestly.

The way in which then learning is set out is suitable for every learning level, the course structure is easy to follow, the various coaches presenting the units are absolutely fantastic and it’s honestly a joy to learn.

There are literally hundreds of tips I’ve picked up and been able to implement immediately with my clients and I am so thankful for that.

Let me put it this way, implementing a couple of the tips with a new client, will ensure they remain a long term client thus paying you back for the money spent on the course, so it’s almost as though the course is free

Once again – this is the best investment I’ve ever made in my career.”

Dean Connor

“As a total beginner to personal training, this is the course that was recommended to me in order to get the best content and the best support whilst learning! It’s one evening a week which even as a mum to 2 young children I’m able to easily schedule into my time, and the SBS community is simply fantastic. I’m so glad to be on this journey with these guys.”

Michelle Mohammed

“Covering everything from biochemistry, to deadlift cueing, to setting up as a business – SBS Academy is the most comprehensive course I’ve come across. The coaches are personable and incredibly knowledgeable, and the modular format makes it easy to fit in around a full time job and other commitments. In fact, I’ve often found myself trying to finish up work quicker so I can take a look at the next SBS unit – and I make video games for a living – so if that isn’t a glowing accolade I don’t know what is!”

Nat Al-Tahhan

“SBS Academy not only improved my knowledge further as a Personal Trainer, but showing me the real core reasons of how to succeed with your clients.

Learning about nutrition, training, motivation, adherence and many more!

This course really did help me massively in regards to improving as a Personal Trainer and a person.

Priceless information and an awesome team to learn from. Highly recommended for everyone in the Fitness Industry!

Thank you, SBS Academy.”

Amaru Frantz

“For anyone considering a career in the fitness industry or just wanting to get ahead with their own fitness journey – the SBS Academy is the real deal. The SBS Academy has already started opening up doors for me, I have been introduced to some really great fellow personal trainers, both during the online webinars and in the SBS Academy Facebook Group.

The whole process has given me confidence in myself as a person, and as a trainer.

I have and will continue to recommend the Academy to anyone looking at becoming a Personal Trainer, including those already in the industry who want to further their education and knowledge.”

Luke Cooke

Okay, I'm in - how do I enrol?

D’oh! Enrollment is closed. Sadface. 

However, we do have a waiting list. Jump on it, and we’ll keep you up to date with everything SBS-related and you’ll be the first to hear when we open our doors again.


These are some things that people commonly ask us (also called FAQs):

Are there flexible payment options?

Yes, there are – we told you about those earlier, but we don’t mind if you skipped over that bit.

The pricing options are below:

Early-Bird One Off: £1,150

Early-Bird Monthly Direct Debit: 12 monthly payments of £115

General Sale One Off: £1,300

General Sale Monthly Direct Debit: 12 monthly payments of £130

Is it all online?

Yes, it is – all the lectures and assessments are delivered online so you can stumble in from your 7.30 p.m. session with Sally (who has absolutely no idea how she hasn’t lost weight only eating 1300 calories a day) and study without us complaining about the smell emanating from the sweaty shoes you’ve kicked into the corner of the room.

If you’re UK-based, you can add bolt-ons to also enrol on a nationally accredited Personal Training L2/L3 course.

Can I do it at my own pace?

We wanted to make sure that the SBS Academy provides the most thorough education experience possible for you. As a result, we require you to take a full year to complete the course. We only release one lecture unit per week, to ensure that you have sufficient time to study it in the depth that we expect for the exams (yes, there are exams) at the end of each module.

Can I do specific modules only?

Currently, we don’t offer any modules for sale separately. Sorry!

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes – and it’s really great. We have all our past students in there, all the tutors too; it’s just a fun place to learn and connect with all the awesome people that are the SBS Academy students.

How much time will I need to dedicate to studying?

Most students study between 2-3 hours per week, and the vast majority manage to fit it in with Personal Training, an office job, family life, looking after cats, watching videos of cats on Facebook… you get the idea.

Will I have to sit exams?

As much as we’d love to be able to certify you without exams, things don’t work like that. At the end of each unit, there is a mini-quiz to reinforce your learning, but this doesn’t count towards your final grade. At the end of each module, there is an open-book exam; we use these exams to give you a final grade.

Is this course accredited?

We have just linked up with a UK provider of CYQ L2 Fitness Instructor/L3 Personal Trainer qualifications to allow students to complete a nationally recognised qualification and assessment alongside the academy. We will be releasing more details on that soon, so stay tuned!

SBS Academy Waiting List

Pop your name and email address (make sure it’s one that you use) here – that way you get first dibs on our early-bird discounts!