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Founded in 2014, Shredded By Science started off with just 3 coaches delivering Online Personal Training

Since then, we’ve evolved… quite a lot.

SBS Academy Tutors, the SBS Radio Production Team, and regular Guest Writers have all been added to our staff, in keeping with our unanimous desire to change this industry for the better.

Meet the team below.

Meet the team

Luke Johnson Founder ★ SBS Academy Tutor ★ SBS Elite Head Mentor

Luke is the Founder of Shredded By Science and has a work ethic and determination like no other.

Luke has two degrees, one BSc Hons in Sports Science & a degree in teaching. Luke has over 12 years experience of being in the fitness industry, with 5 years experience teaching in a college.

With his science-based background in fitness and his teaching experience, Luke decided to take SBS down the education route for Fitness Professionals.

Luke’s vision is to take SBS and make it the market-leading education provider for all trainers around the world.

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Lawrence Judd Operations Manager ★ SBS Academy Tutor ★ Chief Shreducation Author ★ Host Of SBS Radio ★ Coach

Lawrence Judd graduated from the University of Manchester with a MEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering, before deciding to pursue a career in the fitness industry. As Operations Manager at Shredded By Science, Lawrence deals with overseeing the day-to-day running of things at SBS – client relations, social media, and writing Shreducation. Lawrence also coaches strength athletes and powerlifters, and coached one client to be the first drug free British strongman to deadlift 400 kg.

Lawrence is also the primary host of Shredded By Science Radio, our popular podcast with nearly a quarter of a million downloads so far.

Outside of his role at Shredded By Science, Lawrence is also a keen musician, avid bookworm and coffee obsessive.

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Eric Helms SBS Academy Tutor

Eric Helms holds two masters degrees. A masters of philosophy in sports nutrition for energy restricted weight lifters, and a masters of exercise science in performance enhancement and injury prevention. He is a certified power lifting judge, weight lifting coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning, fitness nutrition and performance enhancement specialist with the NSCA, NASM and USAW.

He is a co-owner of 3D Muscle Journey LLC, a consulting business for drug free physique and strength athletes and serious gym goers and has been a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, strength and conditioning, power lifting and bodybuilding coach for a decade. He has written for the NSCA, Alan Aragon’s Research Review, Ireland’s Gym magazine,, and various academic journals on sports nutrition and strength and performance.

A competitive athlete himself, Eric is professionally qualified with the International Natural Bodybuilding Association, competes in raw powerlifting at the international level and also competes in Olympic weightlifting. He is currently pursuing his PhD in strength and conditioning at AUT University in Auckland New Zealand.

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Dr Mike Zourdos SBS Academy Tutor

Michael (Mike) C. Zourdos, Ph.D, CSCS: Mike is an Associate Professor in Exercise Science, who was recently awarded tenure at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, FL.) with a specialization in strength and conditioning and skeletal muscle physiology. He earned his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from The Florida State University (FSU) in 2012 under the guidance of Dr. Jeong-Su Kim.

Prior to attending FSU Mike received his B.S. degree in Exercise Science from Marietta College and M.S. in Applied Health Physiology from Salisbury University. At Marietta Mike lettered in soccer for four seasons and captained the squad in his final two. While at Salisbury he also served as the graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach for all sports teams.

Further, Mike served as the Head Powerlifting Coach of FSU’s 2011 and 2012 state championship teams and currently serves as FAU’s Head Coach in addition to being a faculty member. Mike’s research focuses on optimizing periodization and program design methods, along with improving training efficiency, and examining skeletal muscle adaptations and the inflammatory response to exercise.

This line of high performance research is currently ongoing in the FAU ‘Muscle Lab.’ His best powerlifting competition lifts include a 230.0kg (507lbs.) raw squat as an 83kg lifter. Finally, Mike is recently married to Dr. Catherine Coccia, Ph.D., R.D., an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Florida International University (Miami, FL).

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Rob Zand Coach

Rob Zand is a nutritionist and personal trainer who works tirelessly to help his clients achieve their desired results in a sustainable manner.

 Not only is Rob a young and upcoming guy who constantly strives to improve his knowledge, Rob is also a semi-professional goalkeeper. Rob ensures that his client’s lifestyles are enhanced by the changes that he introduces and aims to get maximal results through efficient and science backed coaching.

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Stuart Aitken SBS Academy Tutor ★ Coach

Stuart Aitken is a Personal Trainer who is based in Dundee, Scotland. Nominated for Scottish Personal Trainer of The Year in 2014, Stuart commands the highest prices of any trainer in Dundee. Stuart’s passion in the fitness industry is based around making what is often portrayed as challenging and complicated concepts seem simple and easy to understand that eliminate all the unnecessary information.

Stuart studied Strength and Conditioning at University for 4 years before moving into Personal Training. Although he found athletic populations very enjoyable to work with, helping friends and family achieve excellent body composition changes made him realise he wanted to work with people who just wanted to look and feel better. He thoroughly believes simple changes and additions to people’s training and nutrition can produce fantastic results and this is at the forefront of any plan Stuart designs.

As well as enjoying reading the research behind all things nutrition and training, Stuart also loves being in the gym experimenting with different training concepts and exercises that can elicit improvements in both performance and body composition.

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Evan Chaffey SBS Academy Tutor ★ Coach

Evan Chaffey is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS) through the NSCA, a certified personal trainer with the ACSM and also holds a BSc in Exercise Science. Based out of the United States, he has experience working with athletes and clients of all ages and abilities, ranging from children to collegiate athletes to older adults. Evan is also a -66kg USAPL competitive powerlifter, who can deadlift nearly 4 times his own bodyweight!

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Nick Tumminello Guest Writer

Nick Tumminello is known as the “Trainer of Trainers” and is the 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year award winner. He’s the owner of Performance University International, has published over 200 articles, 15+ DVDs and is the author of Strength Training for Fat Loss and Building Muscle and Performance. In addition to teaching at events across the world, Nick trains a select group of clients and athletes, and runs a mentorship program for fitness professionals in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can reach him on his website at where he writes a very popular training blog.

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