This episode is a quickfire selection of tips for Personal Trainers. They’ve been on the SBS Facebook page, but Facebook’s algorithm means you might have missed a few. So for those of you who may have missed them, Lawrence is about to whisper some insights into your ears.

We’re about to turn the world of Personal Trainer education upside down.

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The 10 Tips

01:53: Use cloud storage.

03:11: Create nice looking training plans.

05:22: It’s all about client consultations.

08:05: Employ different methods of progressive overload.

10:43: How skill and motivation should affect your coaching.

12:53: The transtheoretical model of change.

14:40: Have a strategy to deal with clients who aren’t making progress.

18:53: Structure check ins.

21:50: Call exercises pre-gressions, not re-gressions.

23:36: Never marry one approach.