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Hey! We're SBS, and our mission is simple:

We want the next generation of Personal Trainers to be confident, curious, and consummate professionals.

We’ve tried a lot over the years, because we’re pretty serious about what we do. Some of it’s worked, and we’re not ashamed to say that some of it hasn’t – but we are constantly evolving to ensure that whatever you see from us is up-to-date, easy to digest and (most importantly) actually useful.

We have some huge things planned for 2019 that we can’t really talk about just yet. What we can say is that Personal Trainer education is about to be shaken up, big time.

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SBS Academy

The SBS Academy is our industry-leading professional development course for Personal Trainers.

Since 2015, we’ve taught roughly 1000 students. Last time we checked, our satisfaction rate was well over 90% – so we’d like to think that we know what we’re doing.

In 2019, we’re taking the Academy in a new direction. It’s a direction that the Personal Trainer industry needs. It’s fresh, innovative and dynamic. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from our 3 years of educating fitness professionals in over 40 countries worldwide, and used it to craft a world-beating education platform.

We first started the SBS Academy because we truly cared about making a change – and together, we can.

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Listen To Our Podcast

SBS Radio is our podcast which takes fitness (not so) seriously.

We interview awesome people, geek out over science, and tackle real-world fitness issues with our… “unique” sense of humour.

Warning – please do not listen whilst operating heavy machinery or if you have anything electronic in front of you that could be damaged by you laugh-snorting your protein shake over it.

“The content is relatable and the SBS team actually tackle real-world issues with humour, wit and a solid evidence-based approach as well as bringing their plethora of personal experience to the table.”
– Lottie Fisher


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