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Our hugely-anticipated Academy Enrolment opens on February 28th.
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SBS Academy

At Shredded By Science, our mission is simple – to raise the standard of Personal Training globally.

Our commitment to excellence (along with our increasing concern that the current Personal Training qualifications are simply substandard) led us to pioneer the very first evidence-based, exclusively online Personal Training qualification – The SBS Academy. We boast a staff of renowned educators, unrivalled course material and a 97% student satisfaction rate.

Over the 12-month course, you can learn in your own time, from anywhere around the world.

We are shaping the growth of the Personal Training industry – and we want YOU to be the best you possibly can be.

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SBS Elite

Would you enter a profession knowing that you stand a 5% chance of having a successful career in 5 years time?

I wouldn’t.

But that’s the state of Personal Training at the moment. Success rates are miniscule.

With 6-week courses, offering zero business or marketing advice, you can see why. Personal Trainers who don’t know how to sell themselves would often be financially better off working behind a bar.

SBS Elite is specifically tailored to give you the marketing, social media and business knowledge required to make a profitable business in fitness.

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We don’t just teach Personal Trainers – we practise what we preach, too. Our team of hand-picked coaches can help you get leaner, stronger, faster, fitter – whatever your goal, we’ve got someone to take out the guesswork.

We offer flat-rate monthly fees, no extra up-front costs and you retain the ability to cancel any time (although we don’t get many of those). We genuinely have your best interests at heart, too – if we think that we aren’t the best fit for you and what you want to achieve, we’ll refer you to someone better.

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Listen To Our Podcast

With over 100 episodes and thousands of regular listeners, SBS Radio is one for your iTunes feed.

‘The way the content is delivered with humour, humility and honesty makes me want to keep coming back for more’
– Doug Stewart

“SBS Radio is one of my favourite podcasts… it’s one of the main reasons I signed up to do the SBS Academy.”
– Sam Whitaker

“The content is relatable and the SBS team actually tackle real-world issues with humour, wit and a solid evidence-based approach as well as bringing their plethora of personal experience to the table.”
– Lottie Fisher


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